Sawasdee-ka Thailand!


Hello Thailand! Will be in South East Asia for awhile. We will see what confessions will be revealed!
Sawasdee-ka and smiles.


2 comments on “Sawasdee-ka Thailand!

  1. Merryn says:

    hi Moti ….you look so good, it was great to see you, I was in thailand about 16 months ago but far from the thailand you are experiencing I am sure. :-). I dont fully comprehend all of what you are doing in the soil, but absolutely love hearing from you and about your adventures and research. So look forward to the next blog and hopefully more photos of you…….stay happy and good gardening
    Much love

    • Merryn!!
      Always love hearing from you! Looking like I will be in Thailand for awhile so let me know if you are ever coming back. Glad you like the pic. of me- still have the “sister locks”- and it all started with YOU 14/15 years ago!!! Can you believe it?! This crazy (good) beautiful life and the souls that will always remain in your heart- and hair 🙂

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